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But wait… what’s so great about you guys?
Why would people want to be introduced to Clipartman? In other words…

“Why be a Clipartman Affiliate?”

Our character images are unbeatable (and customizable!).

This is not your traditional clipart site! We’ve all seen lots of bad clipart on the many jpg and vector resource sites out there, legal and otherwise… the kind of outlets that give “clipart” a bad name!

Clipartman is different.  The high standard of our professionally-illustrated work is evident with a quick glance at any page on our site. As a primarily character-based shop, we are here to provide excellent, logo-worthy character art and graphics that will make your referred customers look good!

Lower prices, NO subscription or account required.

Customers are always happy to discover that Clipartman’s prices are lower than stock agency websites – and unlike those websites, there are no annoying subscriptions, payment plans, or accounts required! Just add to cart and check out.

We provide a UNIQUE customization service that people LOVE (and come back to).

Our professionally-illustrated images are already top-quality; and our groundbreaking Customize It™ service really puts Clipartman.com in a league of our own – literally!  No stock agency in the world provides custom alterations for their commercial use images. But Clipartman DOES!  …and does so at rock-bottom prices that any small business owner, self-publisher, designer and hobbyist can afford.

Friendly, fast service and top-quality illustration work at a surprisingly affordable price make Clipartman’s Customize It™ the clear choice for your referrals who want an awesome personalized image – for their blog, book, app, business card, or fun print-on-demand novelty items… practically anything!  

Refer to individuals AND businesses.

It’s a WIN for you, and a WIN for your referrals! Because Clipartman is the clear choice for people and organizations who don’t have the budgets of the big guys, but still want it all… fun, cool CUSTOMIZABLE characters for personal or commercial use. Clipartman.com gives you rockin’ character images that “get eyeballs”!

Clipartman.com is the perfect cartoon and logo character resource for:
• advertising, marketing and media agencies
• print shops

• team and sports banners
• designers
• social media professionals
• craft hobbyists
• t-shirt shops
• personal print-on-demand projects
• self-publishers
• car & vehicle wraps

… and all users of cartoon and comic characters & graphics!

Questions? Email us at images@clipartman.com.

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